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Flooding barn
Anyone else have a flooded barn from the rain yesterday? I went to help with chores this morning where I board and they were standing in almost a foot of water etc. -so my two were evacuated to another farm for now until it's cleaned up. What a nice way to spend Christmas Eve day pumping out a cesspool.

So here's my next question-is it safe to say that if this barn flooded yesterday that it'll flood again in the spring with runoff and in any other heavy rain (ie. should I be looking for other arrangements)? I'd love to stay there but not if it's going to be underwater half the time.
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If the barn has never been flooded before... then I think it's safe to say that it probably wont in the spring... yesterday was a huge problem due to the weird conditions of the huge amount of snow, and the random rain, and where the rain would normally go, snow was blocking it's path... (Houses had problems too with leaking, due to the rain not being able to flow off the roofs properly Smiler ) I hope that is just the case though!! I know how frustrating it is to be trying to find a nice place for two horses!! Way harder than just one, that's for sure! Smiler Good luck! Big Grin (and Merry Christmas!)
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we had 6" of rain here Sunday. I spent 4 hours in the rain shovelling snow away from the barn so it did not flood
the deep snow with all that rain did not allow water to get away without help.
definatly excessive moisture

if your concerned casualy ask the current BO if they have a problem with flooding in the spring, then you will have your answer and make a decission

older barns built into the ground will have a tendency to flood
barns with manuer tracks will also have a tendency
as will barns built in the low area of the property as that is where the water will run to in the spring
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I feel terrible for the owners. They were 4 hours away visiting relatives for Christmas. I offered to help yesterday as one of the two ladies who do the chores while the owners are away had to work so I said I'd take her place so they wouldn't have to get up extra early. What a surprise when we got there!

They just purchased the farm in the summer and were told that there were no water problems. The farmer down the road came over to help and can't remember there being any problems (but added that there hasn't been that much rain and runoff in a while, so if conditions are right........who knows). They certainly have a lot of work to do to clean up and and in the spring do some heavy duty landscaping to prevent that from happening again.
It has all the criteria for flooding you mentioned (which I was concerned about from the start, but gave it a try)-older barn that has settled to below grade, had manure tracks that have been filled in (but still left a bit of a low area which was actually good because that's where all the water settled so it was easier to pump out). They've worked really hard to turn it into a decent horse barn and I quite like it there so I hope it gets all fixed and I can get back there(although everyone I talk to says wait until spring is over just in case).
And yes it is hard to find a place quickly for 2 horses (a mare and her recently weaned foal to boot). Thankfully I'm in the position to be able to make a few calls and find temporary homes and emergency trailering. My trailer guy had his chest puffed out all day-so proud to come to my rescue on Christmas Eve. I'm thinking it got him out of Christmas shopping.
Anyway, one more adventure to add to the rapidly growing list.
Thanks for the replies so quickly-it'll maybe help their stress level to know it was excessive rain yesterday, so maybe it's not as bad as it seems.
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it's too bad
flooding is costly with the loss of bedding, feed, possibly equiptment and trying to find places for horses

some lanscaping in spring will definatly be needed but those manuer tracks will almost always be a source for water to make it's way in

good luck with finding a place for you horses.
Christmas is stressful enough without the added problems
Posts: 165 | Location: Arnprior | Registered: January 14, 2006Reply With QuoteReport This Post
You don't throw a whole life away because it's banged up a little.

Grand Prix
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A great feature we have in our barn if it did flood a bit when we did our flooring in the aisle way we made sure there was a very slight slant in the floor going towards the door so there would have to be a lot of water to beable to get over to the tackroom or feed room door.

In the spring to help prevent flooding you can also make sure there isn't a lot of snow around the barn snowblow it or plow it away.

Hope you find a good facility for your two horses. Smiler

‎"Don't tell me that the sky's the limit when there's foot prints on the moon"
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